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Shooting star in red heart case with certificate of authenticity

Shooting star in red heart case with...

from 37.69 USD
Shooting star in royal blue heart case with certificate of authenticity

Shooting star in royal blue heart...

from 37.69 USD
Shooting star in red heart case with rose pattern with certificate of authenticity

Shooting star in red heart case with...

from 37.69 USD
Mars Meteorite - 9.00 mg

Mars Meteorite - 9.00 mg

43.09 USD
Shooting star in noble wood case with certificate of authenticity

Shooting star in noble wood case with...

from 75.49 USD
Shooting star in wood case with certificate of authenticity

Shooting star in wood case with...

from 75.49 USD
Historical Ensisheim Meteorite Fall

Historical Ensisheim Meteorite Fall

from 216.00 USD
Historical Barwell Christmas Meteorite Fall

Historical Barwell Christmas...

from 216.00 USD

Exceptional: Buy Genuine meteorites and give away

Looking for a unique gift that is literally out of this world? How about to buy genuine meteorite? You will find individual and fascinating gifts always in meteorites shop: Our exceptional range comes towards you when you want to buy extraterrestrial treasures such as moon rocks.

You are looking for:

  • Meteorites?
  • Shooting stars?
  • Impactites?
  • Moon rocks?
  • Mars rocks?
  • Iron meteorites?
  • Moldavites?
  • Meteorite accessories?

A private piece of the universe

The fascination of the universe at your fingertips: Be inspired by the combined offer of meteorites shop and decker Meteorites and enjoy friends, family and lovers with exclusive gifts with which earthly Jewels can not measure. Here you will find all kinds of rocks that give mankind for thousands of years the size and complexity of the universe. For example Moldavite jewelry: This unusual rock consists of impact material which arises in a meteorite impact. Or you want to buy a Pallasit- or iron meteorites, are embedded in the green - yellowish olivine crystals shimmering? Would you like to see with their own eyes the unique beauty of this cosmic missiles, then equip but our Meteorite Museum in Oberwesel a visit!

The stars

You promised your sweetheart to bring the stars down from the sky? Then now offers you the unique opportunity to buy a real shooting star. These chunks of matter produce upon entry into the Earth's atmosphere due to air friction bright stripes, encourage people to requirements. With a shooting star So give not just a pretty piece of rock, but also a support heartfelt dreams and hopes. For particularly unusual and demanding jewelry from meteors and meteorites other material on a visit decker Meteorites recommend: Find jewelry and unique gift that is guaranteed to stand out from all that you can buy on earth.

Buy Mars and moon rocks

Because the moon has no protective atmosphere, rocks are blasted from him often , which then find their way to Earth and in our shop. However, you can also buy a Martian meteorite: This missile usually go down in the African region and are more mysterious than lunar rocks, as yet did not bring any space expedition Martian rocks to Earth.

Buy historic meteorites

The Almahata Sitta, also called TC3, in 2008, was the first predicted and observed fall of an asteroid. Get a piece of this asteroid or give it to your loved ones! For another spectacular century - case made ​​on 15.02.2013 the meteor Chelyabinsk in the Urals which entered the atmosphere, multiple exploded and crashed into the Chelyabinsk region - Chebarkul . Would you buy historical meteor rocks, you can always contact us.

Reach the stars!

Even with unusual requests, such as looking for a birthday meteorite for a special person or event date a special shooting star, then the meteorite shop can help you. Simply contact us via our online form or use our callback service. If you want to buy shooting stars, moon rocks and meteorites, we are happy to advise you in detail and competently.

Thank you for your interest

Gabriele and Stephan Decker